★☆ Author’s Note☆★

1 May

Hello, everyone~

My name is Miidori and yes sire, I’m the author/creator of this fan fic. I have three notifications that I’d like to notified you all.

1. If you’re unsatisfied with this fan fic, whether it’s about the grammar or story line please let me know.  Plus, if I offending anyone, whether it’s their “idol” or the facts and character in the story of their “idol” is just a fan FICTION. I have NO intention of spreading rumors of anyone.  NO dissing or harsh language please~ I’m a human, I make mistake.

2. I do NOT own Yamada nor Keito ← Yes, they are real person, I’m just using their names . However, Mika and Rina and the other characters in the story is 100% mine and they’re all fictional characters. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead and also places, is coincidental. It’s a big world out there so I don’t know who may have the same names.

3. I can only write during weekend and breaks. I have school and a “LIFE” to live ^-^. Therefore, please be patient.

Question? Comment? Please don’t be hesitate of leaving a comment on my LJ or here. Thanks ^^




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