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Message for You~

17 Sep

Click Here!!!

Hiatus? Where the hell are you??? I’m waiting for the update!!!


I want YOU to Vote!!!

14 Sep

Voting for your favorite member of HSJ to appear in my upcoming fan-fic!!! Click here for the info!!!


10 Aug

Hello~It’s Miidori once again!!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not updating the new chapter -.-” but I guarantee you that it will be update soon!!! VERY soon!!! Well, the reason for my absent is there wasn’t any internet nor computer access but I FINALLY have a new laptop!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA… Anyway, since I just bought the new laptop I immediately type the new chapter and it will post on the blog soon! After it got revise by my editor. Editor?!! Well… A close friend of mine read the story and told me that there’s some minor mistake that I made in the story (with grammar and spelling and all) So I offered her a job as my editor and she agreed!! So now, apparently I have an editor!! YAH!!!

After finish with the story/script/ chapter I will send the file to her and have her revise it and then post it on the blog. The process will be a little bit longer since I have an editor, but we will do our very best to deliver the chapter ^^ Thanks!!

Hey! You guys wanna see how she look like???? Here she is…

YEAH!!! We ROX!!! No, no, no… JK, we’re pretty lame TT^TT

Author’s News!! Please read >~<

31 Jul

Yo! It’s Miidori~

I apologize for the delay of the previous chapter (Ch.9). Due to the technology difficulties I was unable to write the chapter <— (I sound so professional. Ke ke ke) But please don’t worry, I just got it fixed a day ago and it’s all good to go!!! Well… as you can see, as a author (NOT pro but as an amateur TT^TT)  it’s my responsibility to write good story and take time to put pieces together. I don’t want to released a dull and characterless story. Therefore I took time, a lot of time, to think and re-think about every little scene in this story so yes! it would take time to write so please understand ^-^ Being a wannabe author is also a great opportunity to learn from others. Matter of facts, my nickname is Drama Freak (LOL) I spent my time “studying” (not watching *clear throat*) drama. That’s the reason why I’ve written such a good story (hopefully??) as this one. Therefore, if I’m gone more than a week that means I’m “studying” drama >~< so please understand ^^” I will continue to inspire others as others had inspired me. Thanks ^-^


Currently, my computer has finally reach its age and had died TT^TT so I won’t be updating any chapter soon TT^TT so please understand ^-^




17 Jul


I’m back!!! Oh yeah!!! With news~

While I was lying around on the bed, doing nothing… I spent a lot of time watching K-Drama (Ha! Surprise, surprise <— sarcastic) I just finish with Pasta (It’s very good, so check that out when you’re bore) and I’m currently watching Coffee House (VERY VERY FUNNY!!! Even though, it have NOTHING to do with coffee) Well… I was inspired~ Therefore, I’m writing a summary for a new story/drama and I will work on it! After StarDom, of course… I’m sorry, this time it’s not a fan-fic =,[ It’s more like a drama. I’m sorry guys~

The title of my new story/drama has already got a name and it’s called, Cappuccino. What is it about??? Well… I’m writing the summary right now. Plus, everything hasn’t really come together… yet! So please support me >~< Thanks ^-^



Read Me! Read Me!!!

9 Jul

Hello all~

For the past few days, I’m not feeling so well… My mom are very worry about my health and my sleeping habit and so do I. Therefore, I’ll be on hiatus for a short while. I’m very very very sorry~ Once I’m back on my feet, I’ll update the new chapter and write more. Thanks and see ya~

Mika’s Golden Shoothing Star Necklace

3 Jul

Ever wonder what Mika’s golden shooting star necklace look like? Well… I found the perfect necklace!!! Here it is!!


NOTE: I do NOT created this design. I found this on the web so no copyright is reserved. All the credits belong to it rightful owner. Thank you ^^

BTW, I found where  I got this picture. She’s a jewelry maker, I think and you are welcome to ask her any question ^^ Here’s the links: Golden Shootting Star